I/O Advisory Services uses ...
I/O Psychology, the scientific study of human behaviour in the workplace and organizations
... To enhance your career and your success.

More Than Career Coaching, it’s Career Psychology


If you want to improve your job prospects you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Helen Ofosu can help you to make the most of your skills, abilities, values, and interests to build a satisfying and resilient career. She uses her expertise in I/O Psychology and her 15 years of professional experience to help you jump start or re-start your career. This is an efficient, effective, and unique approach that begins with an assessment (test and interview) and ends with concrete guidance that helps clients get things going. When the stakes are high, count on an expert.

Need Career Change? Want a Career Change?


Contact I/O Advisory Services for Effective Career Counselling, Coaching, and Consulting Services for Clients in Ottawa, Toronto, the GTA, Barrie, and other areas of Ontario.

Find your career path. Find your life path. Like a paleontologist digging for clues, Dr. Helen Ofosu examines your life – with you – to articulate your past strengths. She empowers clients with tools and approaches that allow you to use your skills and interests to your best advantage. She creates clear, detailed, action-oriented strength statements to guide you in your search. She helps you use your totally unique combination of talent and strengths.

Dr. Ofosu will help get rid of that knot in your stomach. She will motivate you.

Struggles are inevitable when trying to start or change a career—and that is exactly why I/O Advisory Services is here—to help you get off on the right foot and increase your chances of success. I/O Advisory Services can save you months or years of needless anxiety and frustration and increase your chances of improving your professional prospects.

Dr. Ofosu helps people who need to change their career e.g. due to injury or relocation, after being in the workforce for several years.

  • FaceTime and Skype appointments are available for out-of-town clients or clients in different time zones.
I-O Advisory Services Offers:
  • A standardized test (click to watch video) and interview to assess your skills, interests, and current circumstances
  • Action-oriented feedback based on the test and interview to help you decide on viable career options
  • Resume / cover letter assistance and mock interview preparation to help you land the job
  • In instances where self-employment is appropriate, you’ll get concrete help with starting your own business (in other words, startup business coaching)
  • Assessment of leadership skills for hiring, employee development, and for promotion
  • Assistance to small business owners who need to hire new staff

What is Industrial and Organizational Psychology?

Also known as I/O Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology is the scientific study of workplaces, employees, and organizations. Typically, the techniques of I/O Psychology are used by businesses and other organizations for the benefit of the business. With this specific knowledge and insight, businesses are able to figure out the best and most sophisticated solutions to issues that arise within their companies. Through expert counselling, consulting, and coaching, change and improvement is always made evident in the long run, from the business itself down to its individual employees.

How Can I/O Psychology Help Me?

Our organization is offering the rare opportunity for our clients to leverage the same techniques and expertise of I/O Psychology to help them build the best possible careers for themselves. In other words, we help our clients by sharing our insider knowledge and first-hand experience. We determine what personal challenges our clients are facing and then we figure out how to resolve them. We advise our clients on how to develop concrete and practical strategies for getting into the right career and hired by the companies where they want to work. For some clients, self-employment may become a preferred option and we can help them get their business started.

How are we different from regular career advice?

What sets I/O Psychology Advisory Services apart from regular career advice services in Toronto, the GTA, Ottawa, Barrie, and other parts of Canada? It all comes down to our professional knowledge base and our execution. We don’t simply tell you what kind of employee you are. We take it further by helping you translate this information into action by giving you advice on how you can develop and implement practical strategies that will place you on the best career path for you. With Dr. Helen Ofosu’s award winning expertise in pre-employment assessment, recruitment and selection, training, diversity, and work-life balance—you’re in the right place. Take the all important first step and jump start or restart your career with us now.

More about our services …

We offer precise, discrete, practical, and personalized counselling, coaching, and consulting services that are based on a standardized (psychometric) test and interview. By doing this, our company helps its clients to leverage tried-and-tested advice and techniques when aiming to build the best possible career for themselves. Whether you are located in Toronto, the GTA, Ottawa, Barrie, or other areas in the country–success will always be within reach in person, by phone, or by video (e.g., Skype or FaceTime).