Lessons from Unlikely Leaders

A while back, a client told me about a training program she had attended about “executive presence” and how its tone-deaf message badly missed the mark. The narrow-minded, toxic key message centred on the idea that there is a specific and correct way to be an executive or leader, and no room for alternative styles or approaches. My client was understandably disappointed by this message …

Top Nine Most-Read I/O Advisory Services Blog Posts

I’m excited to share this list of my top nine blog posts from the 200-plus that I’ve published over the years! If you’ve missed these, you can catch up by listening or reading the following blogs articles on a range of career, HR, and organizational culture topics.

Q&A with Dr. Helen – Helping others improve their Careers and HR through an ‘AudioBlog’

Read or listen to Dr. Helen’s 270+ AudioBlog articles designed to help you build a better career and/or a more productive and sustainable organization.

Scapegoats and the Glass Cliff: When Careers Get Derailed

Scapegoating and the glass cliff may sound like something made up or exaggerated. In this article, I’ll break down what these terms mean, who they affect and why.

Less Lonely at the Top: the Rewards of Leadership & Executive Coaching

It’s lonely at the top. Modern leadership includes responsibility for staff in work environments that have grown much more complex – while also maintaining productivity and profitability. It’s no wonder that there’s growing acceptance for and use of executive and leadership coaching.

Overqualified and Underemployed – Big Ego or Real Problem?

A lot of us grew up being told that we were wonderful and can do anything that we set our minds on. Sometimes, this is true, and we have unlimited potential and abilities. This may leave us feeling overqualified for our jobs. If we feel overqualified, does it mean that we actually are?

It’s Impolite to Discuss Politics at Work – But What About Values?

We’re all entitled to our political and religious beliefs, and we’re entitled to keep those private. With that said, when it comes to values, our silence speaks volumes.

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Unusual CV and Foreign Experience

As someone who has helped hiring managers and HR professionals with their recruitment, I have noticed that sometimes the people who are responsible for the initial screening do not always appreciate the subtleties or details in a CV (for those who have never seen one, a CV is a longer, more detailed version of a resume; the CV normally includes publications, conference presentations, patents, etc.).

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Welcome to my Career Development, Career Management, and HR Blog

My graduate degrees are in Industrial / Organizational Psychology so I am knowledgeable about work-related situations/problems, careers, and business. Since I have many years of experience working with hiring managers / hiring organizations, I can offer advice that will be useful to small business owners who could use some temporary human resources (HR) help.

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