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I/O Advisory Services uses ...
I/O Psychology, the scientific study of human behaviour in the workplace and organizations
… To assist individuals and organizations.
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Career Coaching

counselling-imageMy name is Dr. Helen Ofosu and I will help you make the most of your skills, experience, values, and interests to build a satisfying and resilient career or a stronger organization.

I use my background in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) psychology and my 15+ years of professional experience to help you jump start or re-start your career. I’m the first to admit that I/O psychology is a clunky title, but it means that I’ve developed an efficient, effective, and unique program for my clients as a result of postgraduate studies, research, and professional practice. Since I/O psychology is not well known outside of certain contexts, I’ve written a short article and published a video that explains why I use it as my foundation for Career Coaching and HR consulting.

My career coaching / career counselling services are flexible, but here are three popular options to consider: