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Inadequate Inclusion – A Barrier to Returning to Work

August 21, 2021
Although many people are looking forward to returning to a physical workplace, others are quietly dreading a return to the workplace. In some cases, this dread is linked to a...

Why Your Organization Needs a BIPOC Mentorship Program (Part Two)

July 24, 2021
In part one of this two-part series, we covered how a more diverse leadership team is a stronger team and how organizations who hire outside of the old-boys network will...

Why Your Organization Needs a BIPOC Mentorship Program (Part 1)

July 10, 2021
Many organizations are grappling with diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism, and creating more inclusive workplace cultures. Some workplaces are also trying to integrate four generations of employees. This means we’re at...

All Leaders Have Flaws. How Are Yours Affecting Your Organization?

June 26, 2021
Whether you’re in a leadership role with people who report to you directly, or you’re a “thought leader” because of your subject matter expertise, your role has probably changed quite...

What is Allyship? (Part 2 of 2)

May 15, 2021
In part one of this two-part series, we discussed the basics of allyship, earned and unearned privilege. In this part, we build on that foundation to explore the do's and...

What is Allyship? (Part 1 of 2)

May 1, 2021
After learning about social justice issues and systemic discrimination, a lot of people want to know what they can do to be part of the solution to reduce racism and...

Modern H.O.T. Leadership (Honest, Open, and Transparent)

March 6, 2021
I believe in H.O.T. leadership which stands for Honest, Open and Transparent leadership. H.O.T. is the style of leadership that is going to be necessary to navigate and lead organizations...

The value BIPOC leaders bring to corporate risk management

February 6, 2021
Over two dozen studies have found an association between diverse boards and better financial performance and corporate governance. With so many complex challenges facing organizations, it's wise to avoid blind...

We’ve heard of working from home, what about leading from home?

April 4, 2020
The internet is awash in articles about ‘working from home.’ That’s an important topic, but I believe that leading from home – especially so suddenly – needs more attention.

Could a PhD be Holding You Back?

February 22, 2020
It’s counter-intuitive. Your PhD should be an invincible asset, yet without some finesse, your PhD could be a barrier. In this AudioBlog post, Dr. Helen shares some ideas and strategies...

What You Need to Know About Psychometric Testing

July 27, 2019
Psychometric testing - for fun and in the context of employment - is a huge topic and industry. In this article, I explain the basics that employees and employers should...

Scapegoats and the Glass Cliff: When Careers Get Derailed

June 8, 2019
Scapegoating and the glass cliff may sound like something made up or exaggerated. In this article, I’ll break down what these terms mean, who they affect and why.

Less Lonely at the Top: the Rewards of Leadership & Executive Coaching

April 27, 2019
It's lonely at the top. Modern leadership includes responsibility for staff in work environments that have grown much more complex - while also maintaining productivity and profitability. It’s no wonder...

Insider threats – Hiding in Plain Sight

February 23, 2019
Knowingly or not, we have been watching incidents where insider threats have been the primary cause of serious and often expensive problems that have affected over 100 million people. I...

Are you a workplace dad? Do you know a workplace dad?

June 16, 2018
Most of us have known a kind-hearted woman who people would say was “like a mom to everyone.” The expression “work spouse” has become a popular way of describing significant-yet-completely-platonic...

Racism … Is it at your place of work?

June 2, 2018
So, here’s the question in my mind: even if well-intentioned, does one day of sensitivity or anti-bias training change the racial discrimination that will ultimately exist in organizations? The short...

Do’s and don’ts – how to be mindful of mental health in the workplace

May 19, 2018
Depression, anxiety, and other psychological difficulties afflict millions, and we must at least acknowledge that each and every day employees are walking into their workplaces silently suffering.

Visible Disabilities … the unseen problems in the workplace

March 24, 2018
In the past, I've written about the experience of silently struggling with invisible disabilities. In this article, I address the challenges that people with visible disabilities face, and how often...

What not to do when you need to fire someone

March 3, 2018
Sometimes, dismissing someone who just isn’t the right fit for the company is inevitable, and it’s often an unpleasant task for both the employer and employee. In some ways, being...

How men AND women have enabled workplace bullying and sexual harassment

December 2, 2017
So, in the interest of gender equality, it’s time for men and women to consider doing more to create safe, respectful and inclusive organizations and organizational cultures. Men aren’t the...

Does my boss like me?

November 25, 2017
Right now, if you’re sitting at your workspace and asking yourself "does my boss like me?" you might already suspect that you’re not your boss’ favourite. On the other hand,...

Sexual harassment on the job … how it touches everyone in the workplace (Part 2)

October 28, 2017
As a female I/O Psychologist who deals with HR issues, including the fallout from sexual harassment, I believe it's important to tackle this matter head-on by discussing the financial consequences...

Sexual Harassment … how does it keep working in the workplace?

October 22, 2017
As with other loaded topics, like politics and religion, many people in the workplace prefer to say nothing despite the undeniably tense and divisive climate that many victims of sexual...

Bullying, Bias, and Burnout. Why these 3 ‘B’s Could be Derailing your Career

August 26, 2017
Often the word derailment is associated with an accident, a slip off the track that could not be foreseen or prevented. It can also be career-related and dangerous in a...

It’s Impolite to Discuss Politics at Work – But What About Values?

August 19, 2017
We’re all entitled to our political and religious beliefs, and we’re entitled to keep those private. With that said, when it comes to values, our silence speaks volumes.

The Impact of Exponential Technologies on Careers and HR

July 15, 2017
Dr. Helen Ofosu explains exponential technologies and how they will affect organizations and individuals. Some career and HR implications are discussed.

Do Experts Still Matter?

June 10, 2017
Lately, I’ve noticed increasing criticism of and disdain towards experts regardless of their areas of specialization. It’s as if ‘experts’ are now a silly myth, something to shrug at or...

The Franchise Option: Part 1

March 31, 2017
A guest post from Rebecca Page, CEO, Concierge Home Services. Each Friday, social media is cluttered with TGIF posts from people watching the clock count down to the start of the...

Nepotism – Does all in the family include the workplace?

February 19, 2017
There's no doubt that some of us have very capable family and friends who we'd love to work with because of their abilities and their loyalty. Before going ahead and...

Toxic Workplace – Should I Stay or Should I Go?

January 3, 2017
So what do you do if your job feels like a monotonous trap … or worse, like an abusive relationship? This is an environment you spend most of your adult...

Pros and Cons: Buy a Franchise or Build a Business From Scratch?

May 10, 2016
Whenever I am working with clients who are not sure about their next career move, I start with an assessment to objectively take stock of their interests, preferences, skills, experience,...

Soft Skills – So Hard to Develop …

March 17, 2016
One of the great ironies in the world of Human Resources (HR) is the term soft skills in contrast to hard skills. The terms make it seem as though the...