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Golden handcuffs – when is it worth taking them off?

August 24, 2019
Sometimes a job is a poor fit, but we stay because of the value of the golden handcuffs - the pay, benefits, security, etc. In this article, Dr. Helen helps...

Summer burnout – what is it and how can it affect your job?

July 13, 2019
Summer … we all know to get the sunblock and hats out to shield us from the intense and dangerous rays. But, what about protecting ourselves from other, less obvious...

Seasonal Summer Burnout?

June 17, 2017
Dr. Helen Ofosu discusses burnout versus 'summer burnout' which is that sluggish feeling that we sometimes experience during the warmer months. Natural opportunity for resting and a career tune-up?

Calling in Sad (or Sick) to Avoid Workplace Problems?

December 8, 2015
Mental illness is a leading cause of short and long-term disability in Canada (and the US). Given the costs associated with these types of claims, I propose a different approach....