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The Franchise Option Part 2: What to Expect from Franchising in Mid-Life

April 7, 2017
Last time I wrote about what to expect from franchising after graduation. If you are mid-career and think that perhaps now is the time to quit your job and get...

The Franchise Option: Part 1

March 31, 2017
A guest post from Rebecca Page, CEO, Concierge Home Services. Each Friday, social media is cluttered with TGIF posts from people watching the clock count down to the start of the...

Don’t Sell to Every Franchisee Who Can Pay – Consider a Franchisee Assessment

August 17, 2016
I have worked with franchise owners who were planning to sell franchises. In all cases, these franchisors had sold franchises in the past and had seen mixed results. Sometimes it...

Career Options for Professionals and Aspiring Professionals

July 3, 2016
Recently, I’ve discussed some of the career-related challenges facing professionals and aspiring professionals. I’ve shared blog posts on career coaching for professionals and the pros and cons of buying a...

Pros and Cons: Buy a Franchise or Build a Business From Scratch?

May 10, 2016
Whenever I am working with clients who are not sure about their next career move, I start with an assessment to objectively take stock of their interests, preferences, skills, experience,...

Career Coaching for Professionals

April 30, 2016
In the past, having a professional degree in engineering, law, or teaching, etc. or a graduate degree practically guaranteed stable and lucrative employment. There was no question that the investment...