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Pandemic Flux and Work

October 2, 2021
Recently, I have been reflecting on the “Big Quit” that seems to be happening across many workplaces and documented in countless articles. Some of those reflections are described in my...

Could We Be Facing a Mental Health Pandemic?

December 5, 2020
As a psychologist, I've been receiving email messages for months about an anticipated mental health pandemic. The disruptions in daily life, job losses, the doubt and uncertainty about if and...

Golden handcuffs – when is it worth taking them off?

August 24, 2019
Sometimes a job is a poor fit, but we stay because of the value of the golden handcuffs - the pay, benefits, security, etc. In this article, Dr. Helen helps...

Summer burnout – what is it and how can it affect your job?

July 13, 2019
Summer … we all know to get the sunblock and hats out to shield us from the intense and dangerous rays. But, what about protecting ourselves from other, less obvious...

Have you ever called in “sad?”

August 11, 2018
Mental illness linked to workplace problems is a leading cause of short and long-term disability in Canada. Given the costs associated with these types of claims, I propose a different...

Leaving a Toxic Job

August 4, 2018
A job is so much more than just “a job.” Most of us spend most of our waking hours at work. In a good scenario, colleagues become friends as well,...

Mental Health – Making it Work in the Workplace

May 26, 2018
Mental health is an issue that deserves more than four weeks of awareness. It warrants everyday sensitivity and acknowledgment in the places where we work. Without paying attention to this under-discussed...

Do’s and don’ts – how to be mindful of mental health in the workplace

May 19, 2018
Depression, anxiety, and other psychological difficulties afflict millions, and we must at least acknowledge that each and every day employees are walking into their workplaces silently suffering.

Corporate scapegoats and sacrificial lambs … what to do if you become one.

May 12, 2018
In this blog post, I will discuss corporate scapegoats or sacrificial lambs that sometimes fall victim to corporate psychopaths (or are just very unlucky) ... and more importantly how they...

How men AND women have enabled workplace bullying and sexual harassment

December 2, 2017
So, in the interest of gender equality, it’s time for men and women to consider doing more to create safe, respectful and inclusive organizations and organizational cultures. Men aren’t the...

Sexual harassment on the job … how it touches everyone in the workplace (Part 2)

October 28, 2017
As a female I/O Psychologist who deals with HR issues, including the fallout from sexual harassment, I believe it's important to tackle this matter head-on by discussing the financial consequences...

Sexual Harassment … how does it keep working in the workplace?

October 22, 2017
As with other loaded topics, like politics and religion, many people in the workplace prefer to say nothing despite the undeniably tense and divisive climate that many victims of sexual...

The marks of domestic violence in the workplace (Part 2)

September 16, 2017
I'm addressing the sensitive topic domestic violence here because I've been asked for advice about it by someone who works in an organization that has a Human Resources (HR) department...

Domestic violence doesn’t stay home … what you need to know about it in the workplace (Part 1)

September 9, 2017
Although the prevalence of domestic violence is well-documented, it isn’t something that is openly discussed, especially in formal or semi-formal settings such as your place of work. I had to...

Bullying, Bias, and Burnout. Why these 3 ‘B’s Could be Derailing your Career

August 26, 2017
Often the word derailment is associated with an accident, a slip off the track that could not be foreseen or prevented. It can also be career-related and dangerous in a...

Divorce … Does it Have to go to Work With You?

July 29, 2017
Divorce often negatively impacts people’s day-to-day functioning. As a result, not only do you suffer from short-term diminished work productivity, but the actual business/organization you work for will too. There's...

Seasonal Summer Burnout?

June 17, 2017
Dr. Helen Ofosu discusses burnout versus 'summer burnout' which is that sluggish feeling that we sometimes experience during the warmer months. Natural opportunity for resting and a career tune-up?

Toxic Workplace – Should I Stay or Should I Go?

January 3, 2017
So what do you do if your job feels like a monotonous trap … or worse, like an abusive relationship? This is an environment you spend most of your adult...

Corporate Scapegoat: How will I ever get another job?

December 6, 2016
So you got fired, and not because you got caught smoking in your office after hours, or tried to fix the motherboard of the copier with a flathead screwdriver. They...

Right Placement – An Alternative to Outplacement

September 10, 2016
The magical thing about "Right-Placement" is that these employees moved on without being terminated and without triggering an expensive severance package. Basically, I’ve created a cheaper, happier alternative to firing...

Calling in Sad (or Sick) to Avoid Workplace Problems?

December 8, 2015
Mental illness is a leading cause of short and long-term disability in Canada (and the US). Given the costs associated with these types of claims, I propose a different approach....