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Death by 1000 papercuts … how this happens at work

March 23, 2019
When examining a person’s decline in personal wellness and productivity while on the job, rarely is it one catastrophic act that makes them feel almost sick at the thought going...

Incidental Networking and the Hidden Value of a Diverse Network

September 8, 2018
In my experience, it’s clear that some people think it’s better to have a specific type of network. The unstated implication is that the best networks only include certain types...

Visible Disabilities … the unseen problems in the workplace

March 24, 2018
In the past, I've written about the experience of silently struggling with invisible disabilities. In this article, I address the challenges that people with visible disabilities face, and how often...

Q&A with Dr. Helen on Neurodiversity

February 24, 2018
Some of these big corporate players are seeing the benefits of hiring and leveraging the abilities of neurodiverse workers. I’m excited to see the light starting to shine on neurodiversity as...

Silent Suffering – The Struggle of Invisible Disabilities

December 28, 2016
All your life you’ve been viewed as an ‘able-bodied’ person. So far you’ve been fortunate right? This may not be entirely accurate. Disability isn’t always visible; in fact, it can...