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Failure to launch because of workplace obstacles or resistance? How to take off in your career.

October 19, 2019
The fact that planes take off against the wind is an interesting metaphor for so many events in life. Getting new jobs, starting major projects, or making any meaningful change...

Mental Health – Making it Work in the Workplace

May 26, 2018
Mental health is an issue that deserves more than four weeks of awareness. It warrants everyday sensitivity and acknowledgment in the places where we work. Without paying attention to this under-discussed...

Do’s and don’ts – how to be mindful of mental health in the workplace

May 19, 2018
Depression, anxiety, and other psychological difficulties afflict millions, and we must at least acknowledge that each and every day employees are walking into their workplaces silently suffering.

Sexual harassment on the job … how it touches everyone in the workplace (Part 2)

October 28, 2017
As a female I/O Psychologist who deals with HR issues, including the fallout from sexual harassment, I believe it's important to tackle this matter head-on by discussing the financial consequences...

Sexual Harassment … how does it keep working in the workplace?

October 22, 2017
As with other loaded topics, like politics and religion, many people in the workplace prefer to say nothing despite the undeniably tense and divisive climate that many victims of sexual...

The Relevance of Women’s Issues to HR and Careers

June 24, 2016
In my role as a Human Resources (HR) Consultant and a Career Coach I see where women's issues intersect with my professional responsibilities. This post explores the themes of HR,...