Need Career Change? Want a Career Change?

Contact I/O Advisory Services for Effective Career Counselling, Coaching, and Consulting Services for Clients in Ottawa, Toronto, the GTA, Barrie, and other areas.

Find your career path. Find your life path. When it comes to examining the key areas of your life, I’ve been compared to a paleontologist digging for clues. But we go on this exciting quest together to articulate your past strengths. I empower clients with tools and approaches that allow you to use your skills and interests to your best advantage. I create clear, detailed, action-oriented strength statements to guide you in your search. I help you use your totally unique combination of talent and strengths.

I will help banish that knot in your stomach. I will motivate you.

Struggles are inevitable when trying to start or change a career—and that is exactly why I/O Advisory Services is here—to help you get off on the right foot and increase your chances of success. I/O Advisory Services can save you months or years of needless anxiety and frustration and increase your chances of improving your professional prospects.

I help people who need to change their career for any reason (e.g., downsizing, mergers, injury, relocation, underemployment, or extreme dissatisfaction) after being in the workforce for several years. My experience and insights with helping people improve their careers after a divorce have been featured in the Careers section of Globe and Mail. Some of my ideas for members of the military who are planning a career transition into civilian roles have been highlighted in Esprit de Corps Magazine.

  • FaceTime and Skype appointments are available for out-of-town clients or clients in different time zones.