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Dr. Helen Ofosu is a Career and HR Psychologist with extensive experience in assessment, counselling, and HR matters. Her background includes a PhD in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology (Workplace or Business Psychology) and almost 20 years of hard-earned professional experience. These overlapping domains provide valuable and rare insights.


Since Dr. Helen has qualifications that are different from most executive coaches, she has access to more powerful and sophisticated leadership assessment tools. She helps her clients gain precise and objective feedback on their strengths and weaknesses (or as she calls them, ‘blind spots’). In many organizations, the performance feedback mechanism just isn’t enough to get this kind of information. Most managers and superiors are too busy. Plus, most people are uncomfortable giving honest feedback. Making better use of strengths and working around weaknesses is an important part of becoming more effective at work.


Dr. Helen understands the demands and constraints of the Canadian federal public service since she has worked as a Psychologist at the Public Service Commission, the Department of National Defence, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (currently known as Global Affairs Canada).


Since 2012, Dr. Helen has also gained valuable experience in the private sector working as a Consultant to small and medium-sized businesses and non-profits, while continuing to work with the public sector to provide standardized behavioural leadership assessments. As the founder and President of I/O Advisory Services, she also understands the realities and challenges of entrepreneurship – first hand – and from working with business leaders and owners.


If you’re in a new leadership position and you want to make those crucial first 100 days in your role go smoothly, consider investing in some leadership coaching. Customized leadership coaching is beneficial to emerging and aspiring leaders such as supervisors and managers — anyone who wants to improve their own and/or their team’s performance. Executive coaching is effective during the onboarding process for new leaders, or for experienced executives who are facing a challenging assignment or mandate.


Dr. Helen often works with professionals who are trying to squeeze maximum value out of their advanced degrees and experience. After gaining experience, lawyers, engineers, teachers, PhD holders, and others can become extremely good “individual contributors.” This means that they’re knowledgeable and effective in their domain. For talented professionals, there is usually a point in their careers where they realize that in order to make the next step, they need to become better leaders. This may because they plan to establish or grow their own practice, take on a more senior leadership role, or take on other bigger mandates or goals. Leadership and executive coaching is a smart choice for professionals who want to take that next step.



Dr. Helen understands that these are complicated times. When women, people of colour, and members of other underrepresented groups attain a leadership or executive position, they face unique challenges. Clients who need additional support to navigate issues of diversity, inclusion, various gender issues, harassment/bullying can rest assured that she’s up to the challenge when the stakes are high.


Her vast network cuts across numerous sectors and helps keep her current and you in the know.


To discuss these services, please call 613-424-8689 or 1-888-878-8861 or send email to helen@ioadvisory.com. Or if you prefer, use this link to schedule a free 15-minute discovery call/initial consultation.


Dr. Helen Ofosu


Dr. Helen is reachable via direct message on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn. If something urgent comes up, she is also available by for voice or video calls on Magnifi, an expertise-on-demand app.


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