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I/O Advisory Services uses ...
I/O Psychology, the scientific study of human behaviour in the workplace and organizations
… To assist individuals and organizations.
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More than career coaching, it’s career psychology®.

I/O Advisory Services uses Industrial and Organizational (I/O) psychology (aka work or business psychology) as the foundation for career-related services. For example:


when you’re feeling uncertain, you’ll have the chance to use a psychometric assessment to help you figure out your next career step(s)


strategic and nuanced help for early career professionals, aspiring professionals, and leaders/executives


reliable and concrete help for more experienced clients who need to change jobs or career direction


returning to work following time away from employment to raise children or recover from injury, illness, or burnout


pre-retirement or second career exploration and planning


figuring out whether self-employment or entrepreneurship is right for you

HR Services

I/O Psychology is also the basis for the HR Services including


Guidance and support to help you hire or promote staff


Franchisee Assessment to make sure the sale of your franchise(s) goes well; leadership/executive assessments and coaching


Outplacement services and “RightPlacement” services


Using Psychology and HR as part of your risk management process, to protect your intellectual property and other data from cyber threats/insider threats

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Dr. Helen Ofosu, HR Consultant and Career Coach, I/O Advisory Services

How I/O Advisory Services Can Help You

Career & Executive Coaching

Guidance for making career changes, practice interviews, etc.; leadership/executive assessments

Free Consultation

Get Your Free 15 – 20 Minute Initial Phone Consultation

Outplacement Services

Get customized 1:1 help to land your next job; ongoing access to a real-live advisor to help with outreach, resumes, cover letters, interview prep, etc.

HR Consulting

Get help with hiring or developing staff, and learn how HR and Psychology can help you protect your data and intellectual property from cyber threats/insider threats


Career & HR Info (Blog)

Benefit from articles about career management/career development and HR. Short, practical, posts that you won’t find elsewhere!

Speaking & Training

Dr. Ofosu is available as a speaker for conferences, Lunch & Learn sessions, or workshops, and training

Why Choose I/O Advisory Services?


the confidence of knowing you’re getting advice from someone with rock solid training and education


award winning experience providing HR advice


a track record as a published leader (and blogger) in relevant fields


we’ve repeatedly broken new ground by conducting research and development work. This means we know how to “figure things out” when there’s no obvious answer and no existing playbook

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“ Dr Helen Ofosu was absolutely wonderful in helping me with my career change! ”

Amanda W.

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“ Dr. Helen is extremely well-positioned to help any company realize the value of successful hiring. ”

Jarrod G.

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“ Today, I own my own business and I'm super excited about the journey ahead! ”

Rochelle G.

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“ It is rare that you come across standout talent and an expert like Dr. Helen Ofosu. ”

Darko Z.

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