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Looking for solid advice and services for your sensitive career or HR-related problem? With her PhD in Work and Business Psychology, 20 years of relevant professional and 'lived' experience, plus her willingness and ability to think differently, Dr. Helen is hard to beat. Get the excellent results you deserve.

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I/O Advisory Services provides a range of services to individuals and organizations. All of these services have one thing in common – they are based on doctoral-level training in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology and 20 years of relevant professional experience. Some of this Career Coaching and HR-related expertise is shared on a blog/AudioBlog (200+ articles that you can read or listen to) and via social media (here are the links to the Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Twitter and Instagram feeds).


Career Coaching / Professional Development Services for Individuals


Services for Individuals

For individuals, I offer Career Coaching services that are especially well-suited to professionals and aspiring professionals who have completed college or university and/or have acquired some work experience. University and college graduates appreciate the fact that I fully understand and respect the investments that they have made to put them in a good position to have successful careers. Equally important, I have developed nuanced insights about the reality of the professional workplace because I have spent many years in the federal public service/government, the private sector, and also gained work experience in the non-profit environment. While working in these contexts, I supported the Human Resources (HR) function and contributed to career development/career management. As a result of my work experience, I am able to provide concrete advice about the challenges that many professionals and aspiring professionals encounter. I am well-positioned to help my clients avoid problems during the screening, hiring, and promotion processes. Often, my services are eligible under annual Training or Professional Development budgets.


Basic Career Counselling Package (4 sessions) – This is a popular basic, four-hour package that can be customized to meet your unique needs and circumstances


Deluxe Career Counselling and Coaching Package (7 sessions) – This is a popular deluxe, seven-hour package that can be customized to meet your unique needs and circumstances


One Counselling Session (1 session) – This can be used to address a particular challenge or problem that you’re facing (e.g., preparing for a job interview or solving a work-related dilemma)


Group Coaching and Training (Various Options) – This is an excellent way to get valuable and timely information from a knowledgeable professional who you can trust. Unlike most online training, this will be live and interactive – and hosted by Dr. Helen herself. This means you can count on receiving high-quality, practical, tactical information that’s hard to find elsewhere. In addition, since it is a live format, there will be opportunities to ask questions and engage in conversation with small groups of other participants.


Executive Coaching (Various Options) – This is an appropriate option for people who aspire to obtain an executive position or are currently in an executive position but want to improve their effectiveness. Effective leaders are better positioned to deal with the complex issues that are common in modern workplaces. The workplace can be challenging because of the emerging impact of automation, the high prevalence of mental health problems including burnout, diversity and inclusion, and new sensitivities post #MeToo.


Career Change Resources for Experienced or Mature Employees – Links to government resources and articles that will help mature/experienced employees who are trying to get back to work following a lay-off or downsizing.


Questions about any of these coaching services? Please book a confidential free 15-minute phone call/initial consultation or send an email today!



Services for Business and Organizations


HR ServicesHR Services For Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Organizations on-demand, short or longer-term help with hiring and developing staff, confidential employee surveys, environmental scans, etc. Dr. Helen Ofosu is an experienced HR Consultant with experience in the federal government, the private sector, and the nonprofit sector. Many businesses are eligible to receive training grants of up to $10,000 per person to help them become better at hiring and developing their staff through the Canada – Ontario Job Grants.


Outplacement Services – fully customized support that will help your former employee land their next job faster (note – clients will have access to a real person who will help them with what they need to be competitive in the job market, they won’t rely primarily on PDFs and self-help content, etc.).


Questions about any of the HR services for businesses or organizations? Please book a free 15-minute phone call/initial consultation call or send an email today!

Public Speaking and Training Services

Public Speaking and Customized Training – when you need a knowledgeable speaker to present at a retreat, participate on an expert panel, or design and deliver training related to career development or HR issues, contact I/O Advisory Services with full confidence that Dr. Helen Ofosu will deliver.