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Career Change Resources for Experienced or Mature Employees

It’s scary when you feel forced into a career change, but things will be ok — the great news is, you have options. career change can be confusingIt can be hard to know where to start when you expected to remain employed by the same organization until retirement. I have worked with countless clients while they went through a career change following the sale, closure, or reorganization of their previous workplace. This page includes a collection of resources designed to help people who need to make a career change after working for one employer (e.g., GM or one of its suppliers) for an extended period of time. Many of these resources have come from my blog/’AudioBlog’ which is searchable by keyword, by voice on Android devices and Chrome browser and has 180+ articles that you can read or listen to. Additional information is available in past issues of my bi-monthly newsletter ‘You Heard it Here!‘ (you can view and/or subscribe here).

What Type of Job Should I Look For?

This is such a short and simple question, with so many potential answers. Here are a few previous blog articles that may help you to get your creative juices flowing regarding your career change:


career change can have a silver lining


If it’s Been a While Since You’ve Looked for a Job, the following articles should give you some ideas around the modern job search, networking, resumes, and cover letters.




This next block of articles may resonate with employees who have worked in the same organization for a while


career change is hard but there can be a silver liningFor anyone who may be considering self-employment options, these articles may be of interest


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