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Looking for solid advice and services for your sensitive career or HR-related problem? With her PhD in Work and Business Psychology, 20 years of relevant professional and 'lived' experience, plus her willingness and ability to think differently, Dr. Helen is hard to beat. Get the excellent results you deserve.

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Speaking and Training

Dr. Helen Ofosu, Public Speaker and PsychologistDr. Ofosu is an experienced public speaker. Although she started out as a university lecturer and developer of (corporate) training materials, she’s comfortable as a panelist and in various other contexts and environments.


Here’s a sample of some of the topics she’s spoken about:

  • Becoming a More Inclusive Leader, Mentor, Corporate Sponsor, and Ally (various sessions delivered to Directors General and Assistant Deputy Ministers) within several departments within the Canadian federal government
  • She developed and delivered an 8-part professional development training series for two cohorts of participants in the Get Into IT Program offered by Digital Nova Scotia
  • She developed and delivered a 3-part professional development training series for two cohorts of participants in Nature Canada’s Work to Grow program which connected racialized youth to jobs that promote and protect nature
  • Career Management Essentials for Professionals and Aspiring Professionals
  • Workplace Scapegoats and the Glass Cliff workshop presented to a group of executives and other leaders (webinar, Oct. 24, 2020)
  • Returning to Work Post-COVID-19 (webinar, May 5, 2020)
  • Networking Skills for Finding Hidden Employment Opportunities
  • Supporting Racialized Clients – Practical Advice for Therapists
  • Effective Professional and Workplace Boundaries
  • Reflections on Networking and Black Excellence (talk delivered to a group of Black Physicians and Dentists)
  • Navigating Race in Predominantly White Organizations
  • Digging Deeper on Systemic Racism and Discrimination
  • Systemic Discrimination & Barriers to Inclusion
  • The History of Racism in Canada, it’s Not Just an American Problem
  • We’ve Heard a lot About Systemic Racism, But What Does it Really Mean? (townhall presentation for SHOEBOX Ltd, September 2020).
  • Dr. Helen Ofosu, Public Speaker - microphoneHow to Work From Home Effectively and How COVID-19 Has Impacted Business (webinar, April 29, 2020)
  • Using Psychology and HR to Prevent Cyber Crimes and Insider Threats (also discussed on a Podcast)
  • Networking and Gender
  • Using I/O Psychology for Better Hiring (also discussed in this blog article)
  • Using HR and Psychology as part of the Corporate Risk Management Strategy
  • Reverse Engineering: Getting to Your Target Job from Where You are Now
  • What’s Best for Me? Employment or Entrepreneurship?
  • Making the Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur
  • Diversity Issues, particularly as they apply to women’s issues, cultural issues
  • Career Support for Patients with Mental Health Challenges
  • Career Support for People Facing Personal Challenges that Affect the Workplace
  • Encore Entrepreneurship / Second Careers
  • Other topics related to Careers and HR Matters

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