Desirable Options When an Employee Isn’t Working Out …

This week I spoke with Erin Hamilton, the founder of  MOGL Small Business Services.  MOGL helps the owners of growing, small and medium-sized businesses with business development, operations, and systems.  We spoke about my take on pre-outplacement services. Basically, outplacement is career coaching that is paid for by a former employer when an employee is (or will be) let go. My approach to pre-outplacement is different because it is based on career psychology. It’s also different because of the context in which I’ve offered it.


Erin shared a snapshot of our discussion in a “30-second learning” article.


Pre-outplacement conversation with MOGL
30 Second Learning on Outplacement

Here’s an excerpt:

A professional development coach not only helps top employees reach greater heights, but they also help unhappy / under-performing employees – many of whom would thrive in a different role.

Instead of waiting until a negative, costly firing process is necessary, local businesses are using Helen’s career coaching services as soon as a discrepancy in employee “fit” becomes obvious.



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In a future post, I’ll describe my take on Outplacement v2.0 or “Right-Placement” in more detail.


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