My Top 5 Blogs of 2023: Insights & Reflections for Professional Growth
My Top 5 Blogs of 2023: Insights & Reflections for Professional Growth

Welcoming a new year brings an opportunity to reflect on our professional growth. My 2023 was filled with thought-provoking discussions and interesting topics, especially around ongoing post-pandemic changes in the workplace and continuing to prioritize our mental well-being.

I’ve picked out my top five blog posts from last year to share with you. According to Google Analytics, these were the most widely-read articles on my blog in 2023. They offer a unique look at important issues and the everyday challenges and experiences we face at work. From understanding how small things can affect our job satisfaction to exploring the roles of kindness and jealousy in the office, these articles highlight relevant themes and offer what I hope are useful insights.

Whether you’re trying to improve your work life or you’re just curious about these topics, I hope you find these posts worthwhile and they support your ongoing professional growth. Let’s dive in and see what lessons we can take into 2024.

1) Death by 1000 Papercuts: The Hidden Workplace Stressors

Unseen hazards in the workplace and how the tiny nicks and dents we encounter during our workday can become harmful to us: this article examines how small, everyday irritations can significantly impact morale and productivity. Although this blog post wasn’t written in 2023, according to Google Analytics, it was among the most popular articles people read on my website last year.

From the constant hum of background music to the challenges of open office spaces, learn about the subtle factors that can turn a job you enjoy into a source of stress. Understand why it’s vital for organizations to recognize and address these seemingly minor issues, as they are key to maintaining a productive and happy work environment.

Click to explore how you can transform your workplace from a source of frustration to a haven of efficiency and well-being.


2) A Snapshot of Black Psychologists in Canada

Explore the underrepresentation of Black psychologists in Canada as we look at this crucial issue that was first brought to light in 2021: the alarming shortage of Black mental health professionals – especially psychologists.

Black Psychologist reading on tabletThe establishment of the Black Psychology Section within the Canadian Psychological Association was a positive step, but much work remains to be done. A study I initiated provides an initial look at the demographic realities in Canadian psychology, revealing an urgent need for greater representation and understanding.

This is more than just data – it’s a crucial discussion about diversity in mental health professions. Click to read more and engage with this vital topic.


3) The Pitfalls of Being Too Nice at Work

Are you always the go-to person for every extra task at work, even when it stretches you thin? If you find yourself constantly saying ‘yes’ to every request and feeling more like a pushover than a team player, it’s time to rethink the pitfalls of being too nice in the workplace.

This article uncovers how being overly accommodating can lead to burnout, feeling undervalued, and even unintentionally enabling negative behaviours like bullying. Learn why setting boundaries and prioritizing your own workload is not just okay but essential for your professional growth and mental health. Discover how to say ‘no’ without guilt, balance kindness with self-respect, and discover more practical tips on navigating this tricky aspect of workplace dynamics.

Read more about the unexpected consequences of being too nice at work.


4) The Insidious Impact of Workplace Jealousy

Have you ever considered how workplace jealousy can silently disrupt a thriving work environment? I explore this often-overlooked issue of how success can inspire but how it can also, unfortunately, spark envy among colleagues.

From lyrics by the O’Jays and Drake to insights from the book “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents” by Isabel Wilkerson, this article delves into the multifaceted nature of jealousy, particularly how it affects women and members of underrepresented groups.

Discover how this negative emotion can turn into covert aggression, impacting self-esteem and work engagement, and why it’s crucial to address it for a healthier workplace.

Dive in here to understand the depth and breadth of workplace jealousy’s impact.


5) Micro-Kindness in the Workplace

In contrast to other articles on this list, this post celebrates the power of the micro-kindness and how it can transform our everyday work environment. While systemic changes in large organizations often move slowly, this piece emphasizes the significant, immediate impact we can have through simple, thoughtful actions that we have full control over.

From fostering a culture of courtesy and cooperation to practicing reliability and showing appreciation, learn how these small gestures can create a more inclusive, productive, and positive workplace.

Explore how to uncover ways to infuse your work life with these small but impactful actions.

Honourable mention – If you enjoy these topics or are interested in ongoing professional and leadership development, you’ll also enjoy reading or listening to How to Be Resilient in Your Career: Facing up to Barriers at Work, my book published in February 2023 by Routledge. It’s available in print, as an eBook, and on Audible.

Closing Thoughts: A New Year of Insights and Growth

These top five blog posts from 2023 cover a wide range of important topics for the workplace. They tackle everything from the small things that bug us at work to the big impact that small acts of kindness and understanding can have. Each post has useful tips and ideas that can help make your work life better.

As we start the new year, why not give these articles a read? I hope they offer fresh perspectives and strategies to enhance the enjoyment and fulfillment in your chosen field.

Happy reading, and here’s to another year full of new learning, positive changes, and continued professional growth!


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