Top Nine Most-Read I/O Advisory Services Blog Posts
Top Nine Most-Read I/O Advisory Services Blog Posts

I just celebrated my ninth anniversary of starting I/O Advisory Services. How the time has flown by.

I’ve experienced many of the ups and downs that business owners face, and also many, many surprises along the way.

And I don’t regret it for a minute!

I’ve worked with some incredible individuals and organizations during the past nine years. As I enter my 10th year in the business, I’m excited to continue to work with such capable and talented people.

I’m delighted to share this list of my top nine blog posts from the hundreds I’ve published over the years! If you’ve missed these, you can catch up by listening or reading the following blogs:

male swimmer in his lane (respecting workplace boundaries)Workplace Boundaries… 5 Steps to Help You Stay in Your Lane When organizations take initiatives to boost workplace morale and employee engagement through social events it can be tricky to know where one’s professional image begins and ends. But overstepping boundaries isn’t always the employee’s fault; frequently employers don’t provide clear guidelines or conduct themselves in a strictly professional manner. Note, I’ve got other blog articles that address different aspects of workplace boundaries. Just type “boundaries” in the search box or if you’re using a mobile device, say “boundaries” and the other blogs will display.


Corporate Scapegoats and Sacrificial Lambs… What To Do if You Become One Being scapegoated is a very real occupational hazard that happens more frequently than most people realize. Hard-working employees can be unfairly dismissed with little to no explanation other than being made to shoulder the errors and unwarranted blame from coworkers and superiors alike. It is unfair. It is discouraging. Worst of all, it can be extremely damaging to your financial security and your future employment prospects. So how do you recover?


The Workplace Bait-and-Switch: Is it Happening to You? Have you ever been lured into accepting a promising job that ended up being entirely different once you got started? While you may be tempted to confront your employer, it is unlikely to have a positive result without a lot of preparation and a carefully planned approach. After all, a bait-and-switch doesn’t happen because of an oversight; it is almost always intentional.

when returning to work, we need to preparereturning to work usually involves shopping

Returning to Work After an Absence is Common, So Why is it So Hard? So you took some time off from work. People do it all the time, right? But if you’re worried about how the absence will affect your career or your workplace experience, click to see some practical tips on handling the return to work.





Black woman passed over for promotionThe One That Got Away: Being Passed Over for Promotion

Favouritism may seem like a convenient method for deciding whom to promote and assign other rewards like preferred files, clients, etc., but it contributes to a negative corporate culture. The only silver lining is that the conversation has become too loud to be ignored.


Death By 1000 Papercuts… How This Happens at Work For many employees, dealing with workplace irritations has been minimized and normalized as “just part of the job,” but when examining a person’s decline in personal wellness and productivity it’s often the gradual buildup of annoyances and grievances in the workplace that eventually breaks down their overall drive and commitment to their work.



Pandemic Flux and Work Many of us are rethinking… Everything! Originally I’d assumed the massive workplace turnover was due in part to so many people re-evaluating various aspects of their lives – including their jobs. But now I think there’s even more to it. Could we all be experiencing a kind of society-wide state of “liminality” more commonly known as the feeling of being in limbo?


Are You a Workaholic… Or is Your Job Just Too Demanding? I’ve worked with many clients who have wondered if they’re already a workaholic or if they’re becoming one. This blog article is a summary of some of those Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and my answers on this topic.


Covering at work isn't always obviousCovering at Work – The Pros and Cons of Being Ourselves at Work According to a report published by Deloitte in 2018, the majority of certain populations in the workplace actively cover up aspects of their identities that they believe are unwelcome and/or stigmatized. In other words, they are intentionally downplaying who they are. This means that a lot of mental and creative energy is being diverted into covering at work instead of doing one’s actual work.




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The Surprising Upside of Healthy Workplace Rivalry

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The Insidious Impact of Workplace Jealousy

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