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Career and Professional Development Resources for FBEC Members and BIPOC Employees

FBEC WordCloud from Symposium Jan 23, 2019

On January 30, 2018, the Prime Minister of Canada acknowledged national support for the UN’s International Decade for People of African Descent, identifying for the first time the prevalence of anti-Black racism in Canadian society and identifying Black Canadians as a distinct group. The Federal Black Employee Caucus (FBEC) was established in response to a need expressed by Black federal public servants within the context of the public service renewal. To learn more about FBEC or to join, please contact them directly at http://fbec-cefn.ca/.

Other Black, Indigenous, and people of colour (BIPOC) people will also benefit from reading these materials and/or receiving training or professional development/coaching to improve their career trajectories. Public servants can use their annual Training or Professional Development budget for this coaching. Please contact me by phone or email for details. Similarly, people who want to learn more about diversity and inclusion, from the perspective of a person of colour will find these resources valuable.





Articles that Address Themes Discussed at the January 23, 2019, FBEC Symposium

FBEC members are going somewhere!From Dr. Helen’s Career Management & HR Blog


Front cover of How to be Resilient in Your Career: Facing up to Barriers at Work

For more information, visit: https://theresilientcareer.com/

Other Relevant Resources 


Please note – there’s another page on this website dedicated to anti-racism resources





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I offer Career Coaching and Leadership/Executive Assessments and related coaching. Often this is the missing link that’s preventing people from successfully transitioning into leadership roles. I am eligible for ProServices contracts and I’m well-positioned to work with members of the visible minority communities (and others who will benefit from a better understanding of these communities). Public servants can use their annual Training or Professional Development budget for this coaching. Please contact me for details.

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