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Career ‘Duets’- How to Organize Work and Teams Differently

December 28, 2019
The workplace has changed. More people now work on part-time and/or short-term contracts. The concept of “work-sharing” or a "work duet” is explored as a potential solution when an employer...

How Leaky Time Management Can Sink Your Ship

June 21, 2019
There’s no shortage of general articles about time management, but there’s far less advice around “time leakage,” especially as it applies to professionals who can't track all their time worked...

In the Past There was Moonlighting, Now it’s the Side Hustle

June 15, 2019
Although many people look down on the 'side hustle' there's plenty to admire. In this blog, I explain why a side hustle is a valuable career-building tool.

Why Are Some Newcomers More Successful than Others?

August 18, 2018
We’ve all heard the anecdotes. Doctors driving taxis; engineers working in call centres. Newcomers to Canada often find it incredibly difficult to find employment that is commensurate with the skills...

Self-Employment: A Reality Check

July 28, 2018
Self-employment is becoming more and more common, as shifts in the economy make some jobs obsolete, and new technology makes self-employment easier than ever before. Everything isn't for everybody ......