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Still in school? Preparing for career success before you graduate.

November 7, 2020
When you’re knee-deep in assignments, papers and exams, (not to mention all of the other experiences of college/university life!) you may not be giving a lot of thought to life...

Underemployment: Is it ever a good thing?

July 11, 2020
Get ahead. Get promoted. Make more money. Aim higher. Clients often come to me to find out how to move ahead. It is rare that I counsel a client to...

The One That Got Away: Being Passed over for Promotion

June 13, 2020
Lately, with so much attention being paid to systemic racism it is a reminder that people of colour are less represented as one climbs up the corporate ladder. This means...

Feeling pigeonholed and underestimated professionally? You’re not alone.

November 2, 2019
When we've been pigeonholed or underestimated at work it can be difficult to break free of the labels and perceived constraints. I understand that when contemplating a career change there...

In the Past There was Moonlighting, Now it’s the Side Hustle

June 15, 2019
Although many people look down on the 'side hustle' there's plenty to admire. In this blog, I explain why a side hustle is a valuable career-building tool.

Overqualified and Underemployed – Big Ego or Real Problem?

January 12, 2019
A lot of us grew up being told that we were wonderful and can do anything that we set our minds on. Sometimes, this is true, and we have unlimited...

Dear Dr. Helen, how do I pick a career that’s just right for me?

November 17, 2018
Have you ever heard someone say, “I keep picking the wrong guy/girl”? What if we make similarly poor decisions when selecting our careers? Do we make unwise, impulsive choices when...

Are you a newcomer with career drive? Find out how not to crash.

March 17, 2018
Dr. Helen Ofosu describes a recent encounter with a foreign-trained worker and newcomer to Canada who now works as an Uber driver. He wishes he had met her sooner, his...

To be or not to be … without a degree … that is the question

September 23, 2017
In today’s world, job experience, skills, and basic work-related training seem to have been replaced with the importance of a post-secondary certificate. How does a degree (or degrees) compare with...

Do Experts Still Matter?

June 10, 2017
Lately, I’ve noticed increasing criticism of and disdain towards experts regardless of their areas of specialization. It’s as if ‘experts’ are now a silly myth, something to shrug at or...

Cover Letters 101: What’s your Cover Story?

January 21, 2017
So, how does one accomplish looking great on paper when applying for that desired position, if your work history is complicated or absent? Here are some ideas ...

Should I Complete a PhD?

December 11, 2013
She's been teaching abroad for 3 – 4 years and really loves the academic lifestyle. She knows that she'd enjoy teaching in North America but she also knows that in...