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The Portfolio Career (Part 2 of 2)

April 3, 2021
The portfolio career is often appealing to people who want to combine a high-paying position with other work that offers an opportunity for more creativity, growth, or personal meaning/fulfillment. To pursue...

The Portfolio Career (Part 1 of 2)

March 20, 2021
I often talk about building resilient careers, in fact, it’s part of my tagline “Building Resilient Careers and Organizations.” It’s only in retrospect that I noticed that I’ve also been...

The One That Got Away: Being Passed over for Promotion

June 13, 2020
Lately, with so much attention being paid to systemic racism it is a reminder that people of colour are less represented as one climbs up the corporate ladder. This means...

In the Past There was Moonlighting, Now it’s the Side Hustle

June 15, 2019
Although many people look down on the 'side hustle' there's plenty to admire. In this blog, I explain why a side hustle is a valuable career-building tool.

The Power of a Growth Mindset

February 16, 2019
In this blog post, Dr. Helen explains the fixed vs growth mindset. She then explains the potential implications for success at work and fostering positive and productive workplaces.

Positivity is your best action … take it to work

November 11, 2018
As an HR Consultant, Career Coach, and parent I try hard to make the best out of challenging situations. With that said, I agree that some things are hard to...

Phone Anxiety 101

April 14, 2018
These days, many people use their phones for everything except talking. There are a bunch of advantages associated with these versatile devices but there’s also a dark side: a significant...

Think your job’s immune from being replaced by technology … think again.

December 29, 2017
With industries and organizations increasingly relying on automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and other forms of technology it’s important to ask yourself who is at risk of being replaced in the...

Jobs can be hard to get … and even harder to keep without training

December 17, 2017
In this article, I argue that instead of shrugging off the responsibility of investing in job training because a machine will take care of it, think in terms of how...

Nuanced career advice … why professionals need it the most

November 11, 2017
In certain professions including the financial industry, law, engineering, and academia, there are nuances and hidden assumptions that are not common knowledge. Because of these unwritten rules, 'regular' career coaches...

How to stay relevant in the era of artificial intelligence

November 4, 2017
The repercussions of modern innovations are starting to become unsettling to professionals in a broad range of occupations (e.g., law, financial planning, and to a lesser extent, medicine). White-collar workers...

To be or not to be … without a degree … that is the question

September 23, 2017
In today’s world, job experience, skills, and basic work-related training seem to have been replaced with the importance of a post-secondary certificate. How does a degree (or degrees) compare with...

The Impact of Exponential Technologies on Careers and HR

July 15, 2017
Dr. Helen Ofosu explains exponential technologies and how they will affect organizations and individuals. Some career and HR implications are discussed.

Automation … is it your new competition?

May 27, 2017
Automation can be extremely cost effective for businesses and other organizations. The downside is that many workers are being replaced by automation. In this blog post, Dr. Helen Ofosu discusses...

Impostor Syndrome … there’s nothing fake about how it makes you feel

May 20, 2017
At work, do you ever have the feeling that you don’t belong there? Do you suspect that you don’t deserve the position you’re in? If so, you’re not alone. You...

Tongue Tied About Public Speaking? You’re Not Alone …

February 12, 2017
The phone rings, it's Liz, business acquaintance. We talk briefly and then what she says next absolutely floors me! Liz, who is one of the most talented public speakers I...

How to Transition from Military to Civilian Work

May 12, 2016
Transitioning out of the military is often complicated for soldiers conditioned to living in an environment dominated by structure and routine. Yet every year, hundreds of Canadian Armed Forces members...