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Career ‘Duets’- How to Organize Work and Teams Differently

December 28, 2019
The workplace has changed. More people now work on part-time and/or short-term contracts. The concept of “work-sharing” or a "work duet” is explored as a potential solution when an employer...

Earth, wind, fire, & water – how they can affect our workplace culture

May 11, 2019
With life-threatening and life-altering weather changes becoming more frequent, it’s clear that there are implications for our personal lives and the workplace. Considerations for employers and co-workers are discussed.

Ghosting … the real hauntings that go on at work

January 26, 2019
Ghosting started in the personal realm but has now crossed over into the professional realm of work. What does ‘being ghosted’ or having someone ghost you look like … or...

It’s a new day at work – why employee fulfillment will matter more

January 19, 2019
Currently, and in the recent past, the information or knowledge economy was the focus, and employees were the source of wealth creation. In the emerging purpose economy, a sense of...

Working from home – five ways it may work against you.

December 1, 2018
Last week I wrote about some of the advantages of working from home. But, is it for everyone? In this blog post, the second in a two-part series, I look...

Recruiting the Right Employee Ambassadors

September 2, 2017
Most organizations think carefully about their approach to recruiting and hiring employees. How many organizations consider how they will recruit employees as communication ambassadors during times of organizational change?

Boost employee engagement through behaviours and technology

January 12, 2016
So many organizations are still scrambling to catch up and implement modern web technology practices internally. We've all seen the power of social media, social networking, and user-generated content on...