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How Important is it for Your Boss to Like You?

March 28, 2020
Most of us crave attention and approval from our parents, teachers, friends - and bosses. It's hard when we think our boss hates us ... but does it matter?

Alcohol and the Modern Holiday Work Party

December 14, 2019
Times have changed. Seeing movies and hearing stories about the annual Christmas parties in the past is a real eye-opener. Now, between worries around social anxiety, religious practices, addictions, and...

Back to life, back to reality … when we return to work without a smile

September 21, 2019
Each day there are countless people who will return to work after taking some much-needed time off for a summer ‘staycation’ or holiday. For many adults, including teachers and parents,...

Are you a workaholic … or is your job just too demanding?

August 11, 2019
These days, many of us work a lot of hours. It can be hard to know if we're overworked or a workaholic. There's a difference and it can affect our...